Altec Capital Leases

Enjoy the convenience of using a single company to provide both solutions for your equipment and financing needs – a “one-stop” shop. The sole focus of Altec Capital Services is creating value for our customers through personalized services and solutions. With business consultants located throughout the United States, ACS can mobilize our resources to accelerate results and leverage our alliances and partnerships to help deliver innovative solutions to our customers. Service and excellence are the primary focus at ACS. Simply put, this focus is the most important element in our customer relationships, which allows us to provide solutions that are tailored to the needs and values of your business.

Fair Market Value

With the fair market value (FMV) lease, Altec Capital Services is able to minimize the total life-cycle cost, while maximizing the utilization of your entire fleet.

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Capital Lease

The capital lease allows our customers to capitalize the asset on your balance sheet and take any tax benefits associated with that asset.

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TRAC Lease

Altec Capital Services offers a tax lease that allows our customers to share the residual value of your equipment. The TRAC benefits our customers in a variety of ways.

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Municipal Lease

Whether the municipality is purchasing Altec equipment or any other type of equipment, Altec Capital Services offers special financing programs.

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