Capital Lease

Altec Capital Services, LLC offers a variety of lease options that help improve your cash flow while increasing your overall profitability. The capital lease allows our customers to capitalize the asset on your balance sheet and take any tax benefits associated with that asset.

The Benefits To You Include:

  • The Tax Benefit of Ownership – including depreciation and interest expense deductions.
  • Conserves lines of credit with other lenders.
  • Tax advantages.

For accounting purposes, the capital lease is treated as if the asset were purchased. This type of lease is similar to an installment purchase and includes a bargain purchase option of $1 at the end of the term. With the same tax treatment as a loan, you can depreciate the equipment while deducting the interest portion of the payment. At the end of the term, there are no sales tax implications since there is no transfer of ownership. This type of lease is commonly referred to as a $1 Buyout Lease.

The capital lease is another product that Altec Capital Services, LLC offers to our customers in an effort to become your partner.

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